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My name is Ione and I am a food grower, artist, writer, maker, sister, daughter, auntie, bird worshipper, friend and human. Some of these things you might call my job, some of them I get paid to do, all of them are things I love and care deeply about.

On this site you can see some examples of my practice, which is multidisciplinary and includes working with land, earth, clay, plants, ink, words, books, animals, creatures and people. Sometimes I focus on one of these mediums, often I work across many and am excited by the connections and differences between them.

I am currently based in Devon and have spent the past few years moving between the UK and Mexico, spending time with the friends, family and land I am connected to in each place.

Here are some of the questions that feel vital to me and which I’m asking through these processes and movements.


If any of this is of interest to you, write / follow / get in touch.