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a love story  //  UK & Mexico, 2017-ongoing
Huahtli design made for TransPlants zine, Cultivating Justice

Huahtli design made for Cultivating Justice zine, TransPlants


How do you go about finding that thing, the nature of which is totally unknown to you?

Rebecca Solnit, A Field Guide to Getting Lost


¿Cómo haces para encontrar esa cosa, cuya naturaleza es totalmente desconocida para ti?

Rebecca Solnit, Una Guía para Perderse

In 2017, a handful of amaranth seeds sparked a slow grow process of reconnecting with my heritage and history. Ever since, I have been growing, observing, documenting and sharing my relationship with this magical plant.


En 2017, un puñado de semillas de amaranto provocó un lento proceso de reconexión con mi herencia e historia. Desde entonces, he estado cultivando, observando, documentando y compartiendo mi relación con esta planta mágica.


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The Gaia Foundation Seed Sovereignty Programme's Our Seeds are Our Stories event

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TransPlants, a queer and decolonial submission-based zine produced by Land in our Names & Out on the Land

as part of Cultivating Justice

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